Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Cover Photo Sizes

Like many designers, I've had to search for cover photo dimensions for social networks countless times. Facebook, Google, and Twitter cover photo dimensions are all different, and I'm tired of continuously hunting for all these cover image sizes. This guide is meant to help make designer's lives a little easier.

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Facebook Cover Photo Size

Facebook Cover Photo Size851px x 315px

Facebook Profile Picture Size500px x 500px

Facebook Cover Photo Size

Facebook Cover Photo Size:

The optimal size for a Facebook Timeline cover is 851px x 315px, though Facebook automatically scales and crops the Facebook Cover Photo size to fit the container.

Twitter Header Image Size

Header Image Dimensions1252px x 626px

Profile Picture Dimensions500px x 500px

Twitter Header Image Dimensions

Twitter Header Size:

Does anyone else find it peculiar that Twitter requires you to upload a 1252px x 626px cover photo for a 520px x 260px container? I'm wondering if they've got a nice redesign coming up. Either way, the Twitter header size is 1252x626px. Twitter automatically resizes profile pictures to be no larger than 500 pixels.

Update: Twitter recently changed their design. Visit this page for more accurate Twitter Header Sizes.

Google+ Cover Photo Size

Cover Photo Dimensions940px x 180px

Profile Picture Dimensions250px x 250px

Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions
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